All Things Work Together for Our Good

I read about  a young woman whose father underwent a heart transplant. Though at first he seemed to be doing well, several months later he died. She was in another city, working on her master's degree, when she learned of his passing. She packed and went to the airport to catch the first flight to her father's town. Joel Osteen: It's Your Time book read online.
Often the biggest challenges offer the greatest and most surprising rewards.
She was so upset, so heartbroken. While waiting for her flight, her grief overcame her. She wept uncontrollably. SHe did not see the man come up, but she felt those loving arms around her and then she heard a voice saying, "Ma'am, what's wrong?"

She recognized the voice. She looked up and it was Kevin Costner, the actor and director. Struck by her sadness, he had stopped to offer this stranger his help. She explained that her father had passed away. The actor comforted her, staying with her so long he missed his own flight.
As he walked her to her boarding gate, Costner mentioned that he would be returning to her city to film a movie. He asked her to stop by and let him know what she was doing. Several months later, she was driving in heavy traffic near her home. She realized the backup was caused by a movie crew working in a nearby park. She wondered if it was Kevin Costner's movie, but then she thought she should not interrupt even if it was.

Later in the day she drove by the same spot. This time something compelled her to stop. She learned that it was Costner's movie. She told a security guard that he had invited her to stop by. He took her to meet Costner. The Academy Award winner was just as kind and warm to her as he had been at the airport. He invited her to watch the scene being filmed.

After a few minutes, an executive in charge of the production came and sat to the young lady, just being friendly. He explained the scene being filmed and the role of each crew member. She found it easy to talk to him. Soon, they were bantering like old friends.

That night, the lady called her mother and said, "Today I met the man of my dreams. I'm going to marry him."

Sure enough, they began dating, fell in love, and one year later, they were married. Who would have thought that crying in an airport would turn out into a significant piece of her puzzle? God used that moment like a connecting piece, to connect her with her future husband.
That is an amazing story, I know. But we have an amazing Father in Heaven. God has the pieces to the puzzle of your life. Because it is incomplete, that puzzle may not make sense right now. Don't get discouraged. There is another piece coming. This one will complete you.

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