My desire is to speak faith into the lives of others, encouraging them when they are discouraged, calling forth the seeds of greatness God planted within, assuring them that their best days are ahead.
This book filled with hopeful messages is intended to do just that. My prayer is to inspire you and to expand your vision so you might find the courage to overcome any obstacles and accomplish your dreams. God has great things in store for you. A new season is coming. I hope my words ignite your faith and increase God’s favor in your life. Joel Osteen: It's Your Time book read.

Psalm 84:11 says no good thing will God withhold to those who walk uprightly. When you have a heart to please God and when you live a life of excellence and integrity--being your best each day, living with purpose and passion and with a desire to help others—God’s promise is that He will not withhold what you need to become, or what He has created you to be. 

God will not withhold wisdom, creativity, good breaks, the right connections, strength, joy or victory.
You may have been through challenging times. The economic downturn has affected people of all ages and every income. Millions have lost their jobs. Millions more have seen their savings depleted. Many have lost their homes. Relationships have been strained. We’ve all been tested.

History has shown that depressions and recessions surely do cause suffering, but they also serve as catalysts for inspiration, creativity, and new levels of achievement that make for better lives and a better world. Many of the world’s strongest corporations and family businesses were forged in times such as these. Some doors have closed but others will open.

To give you strength and fortify your faith, I’ve put this book together in five parts. Each is designed to build on the other. The goal is not simply to inspire and motivate you but to help you see that God’s plan is at work in your life. He walks with you.

You may not perceive a way out right now, but He does. You may feel that you don’t have all that it will take to emerge stronger, but He does. With God in your heart, you will persevere and prevail.  Joel Osteen: It's Your Time book read.

                                                                                        ~Joel Osteen
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