Stepping into Your Divine Destiny

Joel Osteen: It's Your Time
If you will do the ordinary, God will do the extraordinary.
When I first start ministering, I was very intimidated, very unsure of myself. I would hear other ministers who were so dynamic. Many of them could not only speak exceptionally well, but they could even sing incredibly well. At the end of their sermons, they'd just burst out into song, and they were so effective, they'd almost give you chill bumps.

I'd think, God, why can't I sing like that? Why don't I have their gift? But one day I realize God has given me what I need. If they have it and I don't, it must mean that I don't need it. And, yes, they may be able to sing exceptionally well, but I know this: Their jokes aren't as good as mine.
In the Scripture, when Lazarus died, Jesus said to the disciples, "Roll away the stones and I'll raise Lazarus." It's interesting: Jesus could have rolled away the stone. Here Jesus was about to raise a dead man. But it was the principle; God expects us to do what we can and then He will do what we can't.

If you will do the natural, God will do the supernatural. If you will do the ordinary, God will do the extraordinary. But God will not do for you what you can do for yourself.

"Well," you say,"Joel, I never get promoted. I never get any good breaks."

Let me ask you: Are you rolling away the stone? Do you make work on time each day? Are you giving it your best? Are you productive? Do you have a good attitude? If you will do what you can, God will do what you cannot.

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